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for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.


Debits, credits, and import fees may seem to be a world away from what is considered "successful ministry,” but the value of support ministry is not measured by the typical earthly standards. Ministry means using what God has given to bless others.

I remember building houses with duplo legos as a child. I particularly remember the Christmas house that my oldest sister and I built one summer. We diligently sorted out all the red and green duplos and carefully built a house to last until Christmas. We knew we needed to build it well even though our resources were limited. Now as an adult I’m no longer building Christmas houses with duplos, but the principle of carefully making something with the resources that I have has not been forgotten.

Northern Youth Programs is committed to building a strong ministry to reach, teach, and serve the people of the North. Like the Christmas house that my sister and I built, there are certain things we need to make this ministry strong and able to stand the test of time.

As a foundation for the development of strong ministry outreach we have a group known as “support ministries.” In some ways support ministries is like the rebar in the cement pad on which the other ministries are built. What does it look like inside this foundation? I can assure you it’s a whole lot more interesting than just a bunch of rusty rebar. If you were to look inside you would see things like bookkeeping, IT support, graphic design, PR (public relations), vehicle repair, yard work, meal preparations, housekeeping, and town trips.

There are other things that don’t get onto a job description, but help strengthen the foundation. These are friendships and communication. Support ministry can be the strongest when people work together and appreciate each other for the unique talents and gifts that each one brings to the workplace.

Being a part of this ministry team I’ve been faced with questions like, “If this is all I’m doing, then why am I here? Am I honestly a missionary
if I’m an office girl?” Questions like this have made me turn to God and ask him what He thinks about what I’m doing. Through seeking God I begin to gain a personal vision for what it means to be a missionary working in the office. It’s about supporting the ministries that happen outside of the office building. It’s about answering the phone when it rings, showing someone how to print a double-sided document, or coming up with effective ways of doing things.
In a few simple words, support ministries is making the load lighter for people who have so many things to do that they can’t do them alone.

God has taught me that being a missionary isn’t so much defined by my geographical location, how many hours I live away from my family, or what my ministry outlet might be. Being a missionary is being who He wants me to be where He wants me to be. Right now God wants me to help support Northern Youth Programs by working in the office.

In my mind the topic of support ministries only comes full circle by including people like you in the team. You are our prayer and financial supporters. It is because of you that there is cement to pour over the rebar. We all know that without cement the rebar alone isn’t a foundation and will not support anything safely. Your prayers and your financial support help make up the strength of Northern Youth Programs. Through financial support you make it possible for us to fly into northern communities and for us to pay the bills. Through your prayers you help staff members go through difficult times and make life-changing decisions. Thank you for being a part of this ministry team.

Written by: Trishia Plett

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